Sock Puppets


Hello! Happy Tuesday. We’re almost there…..Christmas is only 5 “sleeps” away!! Holidays aren’t just about eating and presents. It’s about spending all that extra time together as a family.  With the kids on break all week, I wanted to share one of my sons favorite projects, making sock puppets. Bonus: It’s entertaining well after the project is complete, you might get some down time. (COMMENT BELOW: what will you do with all your free time? ….drink more eggnog? clean? read a book?)



  1. sock (we used cozy “feather yarn” socks)
  2. yarn for hair
  3. pom-poms, various colors and sizes
    1. 2 for eyes
    2. 1 for nose
    3. 2 for ears
    4. 5 for teeth (optional but amazing)
  4. 2 google eyes
  5. glue gun
  6. red felt
  7. card board
  8. Red ribbon for tongue



Step One

Making the mouth. Cut a 4×4″ piece of red felt and a 4×4″ piece of card board. Glue the red felt directly on top of the cardboard using the hot glue gun. Once the glue is dry and cool, have your little one place their hand, palm down, on the cardboard side of the 4×4 square. Trace all the way around their hand, start and end at either side of the wrist. Make sure their fingers are side by side and not spread apart. Once the tracing is done, it should look like an oval shape. Cut out the oval pattern and fold in half, horizontally. Place on the side.

Step Two

With the sock laying flat on its side, cut a straight line through the length of the toe seam. This is going to be the opening for the mouth. Place the cardboard oval pattern inside the area you just cut so that the red felt is facing out. Make sure the sock overlaps the felt by 1/8″ evenly along the edges. Using the glue gun, bond the sock to the red felt.


Step Three

This is the fun part! Decorating the puppet. I took all of my supplies and spread them out on a table. I mentioned they’d want 2 eyes, 1 nose, 2 ears, hair..etc. They were so cute picking out the perfect pieces to make their puppets. It was actually one of the 5 year olds who walked over with a handful of white pom-poms, intended for eye balls, and said “my puppet wants teeth”. She was a little trendsetter because shortly after, all of them had teeth. So fun!!



I decided I was going to work the glue gun. They pointed out precisely where I had to place globs of glue and then stuck everything on themselves.


Step Four









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